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If you prefer to find rather than search or are not yet fully familiar with the IST Systems product world, we have the perfect solution waiting for you: the new product finder provides a quick guide through the extensive product portfolio of IST Systems.

In just a few clicks, you are taken to your chosen electric strike: a precise fit for your individual application. You can refine the results step by step –completely adapted to your exact requirements.

Clever: you can then find matching strike plates and complementary accessories quickly and easily on the relevant product page.

So the product finder not only offers quick access to your preferred electric strike, but to the entire IST Systems product world.

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The new product family: A4000 vector door opener

The vector door opener A4000 is a door opener of the new generation.

The vectors resulting from the parallelogram of forces between the swivelling axle of the rotation body and the force introduced as sideload at the adjusting angle have been significantly optimised compared with common market series.

This unique advantage leads to reliable opening behaviour under sideload conditions with simultaneous, almost silent background noise and a retention force of 5,000 N.

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I.S.T. Kingfix latch guide: The perfect fit

Your unique advantages of our A4000 door opener varaints with the I.S.T.Kingfix latch guide:

The construction dimension of I.S.T.Kingfix latch guide (12 mm von den Anschraubpunkten Schließblech zu Oberkante Deckel) is compatible with the construction dimensions of common market door openers.

Strike plates, which based on the 12 mm, can be reused again. The A4000 I.S.T.Kingfix can be easily upgraded with the strike plates on existing doors.

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IST Systems GmbH belongs to the internationally active GEZE Group and is one of the leading providers of door opener systems. The company provides innovative and flexible solutions for the most varied safety requirements regarding doors with a comprehensive range of high-quality products that are made in Germany.

IST Systems produced the first symmetrical electric strike for fire protection doors. Further innovations include electric strikes with multi-current technology, extremely small dimensions, and compact configurations.

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